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Facility & Plant Vibration

Facility Vibration Overview

Over the past 40 years we have consulted on vibration and acoustic noise issues for existing facilities and for architectural teams in the design phase, for a wide range of industries. We have decades of experience in high-Tech industries, solving issues in Semiconductor and Biotech facilities associated with the performance of high resolution equipment. On the industrial side, we provided expert testing, analysis, and solutions to keep these manufacturing plants functioning efficiently, and the process equipment running smoothly.

Much of the vibration problems in both high-tech and heavy industry involve rotating equipment of some kind, from vacuum pumps and fan filter units in semiconductor facilities, to blowers and pumps in power generation, fans, drilling systems, and shaking screens and conveyors in mining (driven by rotary shakers), winders, motors, and gearboxes in paper mills,  to the various rotary driven fans and mechanisms in food processing. The dynamic interaction of the rotating equipment and the surrounding structures present challenging problems that are hard to debug without the help of expert vibration and structural dynamics analysis. Sorting out cause and effect in the structural dynamics puzzle can help the engineering team target the most efficient approach to solving the vibration issue.

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As vibration consultants, it is always enjoyable to work on the structural dynamics of large structures. The logistics are sometimes challenging, especially when we work during a short planned, or unplanned, outage. Our decades of experience planning and executing testing to measure key dynamics and extract meaningful data is one of our assets.


We provide architectural consulting services and facility design consulting services relating to criteria development, and design detail, for floor vibration, floor stiffness, room design, magnetic field, acoustic noise treatments, STC, NC, and VC-criteria requirements, and the specific needs of our clients. We also perform tests, analyze the data, explain the issues, and design solutions to solve problems with Vibration , Acoustic Noise, and Stray Magnetic Field/EMF in rooms, manufacturing floors, research labs, industrial processing spaces, office space, and residential areas.

Vibration and acoustic noise issues arise often due to concerns about human comfort.  We provide help with issues involving too much floor vibration, shaking walls and monitors, too much distracting sound, or too little masking sound for privacy, sound transmission between rooms, and reverberation for speech intelligibility .  


VMS1 Monitoring System  - Vibration and/or acoustics issues that happen infrequently and unpredictably are often confounding for the facilities team, and can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  We have been tackling these very issues for decades and have developed our proprietary monitoring system that is highly evolved for this specific purpose. When the vibration problem appears we will capture and characterize, locate, and fingerprint the issue.

The VMS1 offers a continuous characterization of the environment that can be reported in a concise and meaningful manner, allowing us to move though time, space, frequency, and amplitude with ease. We can find the "needle in the haystack" immediately. The VMS1 continuously monitors the signals from vibration, acoustic noise, magnetic field, or any other sensor, while performing spectral analysis, logging events, compiling statistics, and setting off various alarms that alert the team (via text, email, and/or flashing lights and sirens) that the environmental parameters exceed client thresholds. It is capable of continuously monitoring large arrays of sensors, tracking disturbances over time, powerful statistical analysis to provide meaningful characterization, while sorting through terabits of data. It can be setup anywhere in the world and operated remotely.  

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